Adulting is hard, we get it. 

Work days are long and fuses are short; it's only natural we turn to socializing and fitness as forms of stress relief. Unfortunately there are still only 24 hours in the day (we know, we're working on that one too), so often we must sacrifice physical fitness at the altar of a massively necessary post-work libation with the squad. That's where we come in.



Every day we're hustling.

At The Local Barre we bring the barre to you, wherever that may be. Whether it's an in-office sweat then spritz sesh; bach party werkin' for the wedding; or squad getaway where we relevé before we rosé - we make it easy for you to get your sweat and swerve on lock. 


Keep it local. 

We also work with businesses and vendors across the District to host pop-ups and bevvies in your favorite places. So throw on that sexy ath-leisure boo, and check out our schedule to see which watering hole you may find us at next. Your local bar(re)tender knows what you need. 


Boss Lady.  

As a full-time working woman and active social goddess, Chrissi knows first hand the need for increased accessibility in fitness and funz. 

A Minnesota native, Chrissi moved to the District in 2008 after discovering a love for politics on the campaign trails of Iowa and Missouri. With a busy work schedule that forced her to stay fairly transient, it was a challenge to find a workout routine that was as efficient as it was effective. A ballerina since 3-years-old, Chrissi always found herself drawn to group exercise options that synced movement with music. Chrissi discovered barre in 2012 when she returned to DC after a year-long campaign stint in Boston, and immediately knew she had found her niche.

As an instructor, she feeds her creative side by marrying rhythmic beats with dance-inspired movements, resulting in an inspiring and intensive workout experience that leaves all her students grooving. When she’s not coming up with new ideas for The Local Barre, Chrissi serves as Chief of Staff for External Affairs at a government financial regulator. In her free time, you can find her biking through the District – Chili Dog and Queso in tow – seeking out the perfect dry rosé and vintage furniture treasures.